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The development of a ship specific

Polar Water Operational Manual

The following will be included in the type specific Polar Water Operational Manual. Understanding the specific requirements of the relevant Administration or Recognised Organisation regarding the level of detail in drawings, plans, manuals, and documentation as well as requirements for the approval of the Polar Code Operational Assessment and the Polar Water Operational Manual. 

A full reference to be made in the Company Safety Management System (SMS), and also any relevant procedures in the Polar Water Operational Manual in full. 


Evaluate with the validating organisations what contents are required as variations may occur. 

Evaluate that the Polar Water Operational Manual is tailored to the specific type of ship, operation, and environmental conditions. 


The type specific Polar Operational Manual to comply with the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) documents, such as the Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan/Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP/SMPEP). 

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The following due diligence steps are assessed with the formulation of the ship-specific

Polar Water Operational Manual:

  • Identifying associated hazards.

  • Confirm or define the operating area. 

  • Assess or anticipate the operational limitations.

  • Carry out a detailed operational assessment.

  • Update procedures based on results of the operational assessment.

  • Install or upgrade equipment or systems if necessary

Pre Class Approved Ship Specific

Risk-Based Procedures

MEPC 68/21-MSC/Circ.1056.399

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