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Protec Marine Solutions Pte. Ltd. 


Protec Marine on Board Training Solutions

ProGas Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Methanol on board training solutions instils the appropriate mindset and skillset inexperienced seafarers require to become familiar with LNG Methanol Bunkering procedures.

The on-board training modules are a perfect balance of tutorial presentations and work shops which minimises on and off duty time and allows operational seafarers to make a smooth transition from hydrocarbon energy to Carbon Neutrality energy whilst carrying out their normal on-board duties. 

Why ProGas?

On-board ProGas training will ensure that engine and deck seafarers will be sufficiently knowledgeable with the practical skills needed to carry out LNG Methanol Bunker custody transfers safely and efficiently.

Course Curriculum

  • Review of the vessel`s design, piping layout and relevant equipment with all personnel involved in operations.

  • Establish and share safety standards, procedures, and duties for following operations, as minimum:

  • LNG Cool Fuel - Video

  • Methanol Fuel of the Future - Video

  • LNG Bunkering Operations

  • Methanol Bunkering Operations

  • Pre-arrival checks (LNG and Methanol loading/bunkering)

  • Pre-transfer checks and info exchange (LNG and Methanol loading/bunkering)-(Workshop Training)

  • Pre-Bunkering Check list (LNG and Methanol loading/bunkering)-(Workshop Training)

  • Bunker Plan (LNG and Methanol loading/bunkering)-(Workshop Training)

  • Bunkering log (LNG and Methanol loading/bunkering)-(Workshop Training

How ProGas Will Work For You

Assessing The Risk

RA - Mooring Operations STS

RA - Manifold Connection (LNG and Methanol loading/bunkering)-(Workshop Training)

RA - Purging and Pressure Testing

RA - Cool Down and Transfer (LNG)

RA - Transfer (Methanol)

RA - De-Icing, Draining, Purging and Disconnecting (LNG)-Video

RA - Liquid Freeing, Purging and Hose Disconnecting (Methanol)

RA - Using LNG as Fuel-Video

RA - Methanol as Fuel-Video

Safety Management

Bunker Management Plan (LNG and Methanol)- (Workshop Training)

Emergency Procedures and Contingency Plans (Leakage, Fire)- (Workshop Training)

Procedures and Check Lists  

ProGas on board training for a cleaner world

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