Professional Safety Inspection Service of Petroleum Tank Storage Farms

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What PROTANK Delivers

  • Visual inspection: an examination of the tank system for deterioration including but not limited to the tank and its coating, hoses, fittings, pipes, pumps and drainage mechanism.

  • Dipstick Inspection: Is the mechanical means of measuring the level of the tank.

  • A check of the interstitial space    (i.e.: the space between the walls) of a double-walled tank for accumulation of fuel or water. If you have an interstitial monitor this can be done mechanically.

  • Confirmation that all drain valves are securely closed when not in use.

  • An inspection for any accumulated debris or water in the containment area.

  • A check of the spill containment area to make sure it’s clean and functional.

  • A check of normal and emergency vents for obstructions or restrictions that could interfere with proper operation.

  • A check of auxiliary equipment for operational malfunctions.

  • An investigation of conditions that may pose a fire/safety hazard/or environmental hazard.

  • Check the water in the primary tank using water finding paste.

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A Professional Tank Farm Inspection Service Ensuring YOUR Asset Safety is Always Protected.