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Protec Marine Solutions Pte. Ltd. 


Protec Marine Solutions Pte Ltd is proud to announce our latest service PRODOC is now available to all maritime service providers who are looking to boost the standard of their existing procedures and processes. 


At Protec Marine we realise the high importance keeping the propeller turning. Meticulous Route Planning, and Voyage Optimisation, play a major role in the success of any voyage.

Protecting Your Most Valued Assets

If you think its all about Remote #Navigation #Assessments then you have missed the point. What it stands for is measuring bridge team performance.........

If you think its about Navigation & Marine Safety, you've missed the point....

What we stand for is empowering all Mariners to #protect themselves, with dignity and pride, respecting the #environment, and safeguarding

Navigational Asset Management - Video Analysis Training

Voyage Data Analysis & Training, A Truly Great Learning Experience. At Protec we realise the importance of voyage data analysis, and how learning from experiences can prevent future incidents occurring.........

Managing What Matters To You Most

Effective and sustainable Human Asset Management is critical for any company to grow and expand its physical, and corporate strength across international global maritime markets..........

Understanding The Power of Navigational Excellence

When the propeller is turning, fully understanding the concept of speed and time are key elements when optimising situational awareness. Super sharp asset management must be at the forefront .........

What If The Propeller Stops Turning?

Its not just mechanical failure that could stop the propeller from turning, it could be an accident on board your ship. Diverting a ship is just as serious as a main engine breakdown.............

Advanced Marine Solutions

Challenged with thoughts of how to get more traction with your ships budgets? In the real world of ship operations, when unexpected events occur or things go wrong...........

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Inspirations for the Safety of your Investment and Reputation of your Organisation

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