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At Protec Marine Solutions we believe in the value of life, which is every organisations Human Capital.

We ensure the safety of every individual by impacting on their mind-set and thus empowering them to have safety consciousness no matter what the task.

We transform and transcend individuals to a higher level of consciousness, elevating their safety awareness and performance. 

Allowing work to be carried out in an environment safe and free of accidents.

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Marine Safety Training

At Protec Marine Solutions, we truly believe in safety for all personnel........

Marine Audit &


At Protec Marine Solutions we take pride in delivering an accurate and precise audit & Inspection report, based on real time evidence......

Marine Consultancy
Protec Marine Solutions Consultancy offers 24 key areas of Marine expertise. These expertise were gained....... 

Marine Navigational Safety

Making your voyages safer, improving Navigation competence thus strengthening your bottom line and company reputation........