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Protec Marine Solutions Pte. Ltd. 



The reputation of Protec Marine Solutions as a reliable and competent provider of maritime Inspection consultancy services is our most important asset.  In order that Protec Marine Solutions adopt and practices the very highest of ethical principles every employee at Protec Marine Solutions is committed to complying with all the principles set out in the UK Bribery act 2010.

Protec Marine Solutions expect all employees to conduct themselves with the highest of ethical standards of transparency and integrity whist being employed with the company.

Protec Marine Solutions strictly prohibit the giving or receiving gifts of any kind, this includes cash, entertainment or hospitality where the end intention is to influence a decision made on behalf of Protec Marine Solutions or any of its clients.  

Protec Marine Solutions prohibits any unofficial payments or gifts or asking for or suggesting with respect to entertainment of any kind or amount from any supplier or any other person or company.

We are a trusted company with trusted employees, we grow, develop and drive inspirational change to ensure Protec Marine Solutions becomes a greater and dynamic influence in the future of marine oil and gas transportation throughout the world.

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