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Protec Marine Solutions Pte. Ltd. 

Six Pillar Training Module One

Becoming a 21st Century Leader

A 21st Century Leader inspires and motivates others through their own passion and commitment.  A  21st Century Leader is constantly building relationships, taking smart risks, learning rapidly all with the objective of making a positive impact on other peoples lives.

What'll your people learn from this training; They'll become

  • Resourcefull 

  • Resilient 

  • Empowered

  • Greater Self Esteem

  • Result Orientated

  • Improves Clarity and Focus

A Six Pillar Training Model focusing on human behaviours, Mind, Consciousness, Thoughts, and how perception controls human behaviours.

What your people will learn from this specialised training:

  • Improved Judgment and decision making

  • Sharpens thinking using a well-focused and balanced mind.

  • Nurtures team building and bonding between people.

  • Improved Safety performance and general wellbeing. 

  • Improved reputation with customers

​​Six Pillar Training Module Two

Specialised Safety Training Getting Safety Done

At Protec Marine Solutions, we truly believe in safety for all personnel.  To achieve this we provide hands on specialised safety training to allow personnel to protect themselves and fellow workers from harm.  At Protec Marine Solutions we "Get Safety Done” (GSD), using  our  Six Pillar Training Model



Six Pillar Training Module Three 

Resilient Warrior Training

Protec Marine Safety Six Pillar Training Models 

Module One.
Becoming a 21st Century Leader
Module Two. 
Getting Safety Done
Module Three.
Resilient Warrior Training

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