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A Professional Review of Your Operational Procedures

ISO 9001-2015 Compliant

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What PRODOC Delivers

A focused analysis of the following ship and shore based operational areas and procedures.

  • General Work Procedures

  • Engine Room Management

  • Navigational Safety

  • Deck Operations

  • Cargo Operations

  • Ballast /De Ballast Operations

  • Bunker Operations

  • Recruitment / Management of Ship & Shore based personnel.

  • Management of Change & Risk Assessment

  • Incident & Accident Investigation Analysis

  • Environmental Management Pollution Prevention

  • Measurement Analysis and Operational Improvement

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PRODOC Road Map For Compliance Success

  • Realignment of present processes set against the backdrop of human error failures 

  • Process simplification to improve the action taken when task or procedure is to be followed

  • Reinforcing cognitive decision making to eliminate inaccurate or negative thinking allowing an improved perspective during challenging and stressful situations and thus respond to them in a more effective way

  • Formulate a strategic plan which maps out the short-and long-range performance targets and necessary action points of management for the achievement of desired outcomes.

  • This consists of the organisations vision, mission, and strategic objectives set over a predetermined time period


  • Reinforce directional planning to allow the organisation to focus on the strategic actions it wishes to embrace and the goals it strives to attain


  • Focusing on clear cut operational decisions and processes  that are required to achieve  objective targets which will exceed future market demands