Professional Marine Consultancy

Specialised Multi Source Solutions

Protec Marine Solutions Consultancy offers 20 key areas of Marine expertise. These expertise were gained over 48 years of sea and shore based experience and knowledge.   We provide a hands-on evaluation of multiple source solutions geared to  individual client requirements.


Delivering on Clients Expectations

  • Survey of Offshore Installations & Fixed and Floating objects. 

  • Cargo Damage Investigations (Liquid, Bulk & Containers)

  • Ride On - Vessel Inspection Reports

  • Pre-Sale Condition Assessments

  • Pre-Purchase Condition Assessments

  • P&I Pre Entry and Interim Condition Assessments

  • Hull & Damage Assessments

  • Pre-Vetting Assessment – OCIMF - CDI

  • Incident Investigation 

  • On-Off Hire Surveys

  • Underwater Survey Inspections

  • Magnetic Compass Adjuster

  • Bunker Surveys - (Quality & Quantity)

  • Cargo Tank Inspections – (Liquid and Bulk)

  • Cargo Blending

  • Ship to Ship Transfers (Risk Management)

  • Warranty Towage Approval Surveys

  • Draft Surveys

  • LPG / LNG Condition Assessments

  • LPG / LNG Vessel Inspection & Risk Analysis

  • PRODOC Professional Analysis of Operational Procedures & Processes

  • Voyage Analysis / Routing & Risk Based Evaluation. 

Protec Marine Solutions Pte. Ltd.


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